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Neck Pain

At the Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, we have been treating Neck Pain in the Greater Nashville, TN area since 2003.


Neck Pain

When you develop neck pain in Nashville, it can make it difficult to turn your head and can spread or contribute to pain in your shoulders, back and/or arms. And of course, it’s difficult to focus on work, family and your daily joys and responsibilities when neck problems are your never-ending companion. That’s why it’s so important to find Nashville neck pain relief. 

Many people give up on lasting neck pain relief because they’ve tried various treatment methods that never continued to work in the end. Often, a neck pain doctor or clinic offers a limited approach based on one medical specialty. But at the Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, we provide real results for our clients, using top Nashville pain management technologies and coming up with well-rounded treatment programs through a team of specialists. This allows us to get to the real root of the pain and provide effective treatment without neck surgery.

Find out the Nashville neck pain treatment we would offer in your particular case by making an initial consultation visit. Schedule your appointment online or by calling 615-872-9966.  

What Causes Neck Pain?

It’s impossible to tell you the exact cause of your particular neck pain without you coming in for an appointment where our Nashville neck pain specialists will evaluate your condition. Until then, we wouldn’t be able to tell you for sure the cause because there are so many different problems that can lead to this type of pain.

You could have a problem with your discs that sit between your neck’s vertebrae – for instance, they could be wearing down or bulging. It’s possible that you have neck muscle pain through a sprain, strain or spasm. Or the cause could be coming from a concern in your ligaments or tendons. These kinds of problems can start because you experience an injury or because of strain on your body over time. At our center, we would also have a Nashville neck doctor evaluate you for a health condition, such as osteoarthritis.

Poor posture and ergonomics often contribute to neck aches and other types of pain. For instance, maybe your pillow puts your head in an awkward position during the night or you hunch forward while you’re sitting at the computer, which are positions that can throw your neck out of balance and create neck and shoulder pain in Nashville patients. Even if you work to improve your posture, you might have some lasting damage that needs to be treated before your body will truly be in a healthier, pain-free state.

When you come in for your first appointment, we will evaluate your body with the help of diagnostic tools to let you know the cause(s) of your pain and come up with a specialized Nashville pain management program. Or if another doctor has already given you a diagnosis for your pain but was unable to properly treat it, we are happy to double check the diagnosis and provide the right specialties to treat the problem.

How do I Stop Neck Pain?

To really give you a full idea of how our experts can work to stop your back and neck pain in Nashville, you need to come in for an evaluation. We will use diagnostic technology and the expertise of our professionals to discover the underlying injury, health condition or other problem leading to your pain, and then we will work out a personalized treatment plan with you.

We want to create a plan that solves every aspect of the chronic neck pain in our Nashville patients, instead of dealing with symptoms or allowing the pain to flare back up. For instance, if your neck pain is leading to shoulder and arm pain, we want to recognize that and treat every part of your body that is experiencing symptoms. We also want to treat different body parts and systems being affected by the pain, such as muscles, tendons and discs. And we want to always discover the true underlying cause of your pain, so that we’re focusing on the real problem to provide lasting neck pain relief in Nashville.  

At the Center for Spine, Joint, & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, we provide an extensive array of Nashville neck pain treatment methods by a whole team of professionals to relieve pain. Our board-certified physicians and other experienced health professionals provide Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, injections, medication management and other methods that provide top results. We create a tailored treatment plan for each person, which generally includes more than one type of treatment to solve numerous problems that can be going on within the body at once. Within our treatment plans, we rely on cutting-edge technologies for the effective diagnosis and treatment of various types of pain. Because of our team and methods, we are able to help with ongoing and severe neck pain in Nashville.

Stop Your Neck Pain Now!

Come in for an appointment with our pain specialists at the Center for Spine & Joint. With our multi-faceted approach to pain and our top technologies, we are able to provide relief when other medical facilities cannot. So don’t lose hope in finding pain relief until you learn more about how we would treat your case. To make your first appointment, call us at 615-872-9966 or fill out our online form.

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