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Relief is what every person wants when they are in pain, whether it’s acute pain that feels sharp or chronic pain that is ongoing. Each type greatly affects your life in a negative way. You dream of being free of the pain and living a life with a healthy body that doesn’t protest when you sit or move around. Pain relief in Nashville might seem like false hope, since it’s unfortunately all too common for people to get stuck in a pattern of pain without finding a real solution. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Even though you may not have found a doctor or method that relieved your pain in the past, help is still available, and Nashville, TN pain management is a real possibility for you. This is the case when you visit the Center for Spine & Joint. We run our Nashville pain relief clinic differently than others, so we can offer you new solutions and teamwork from top professionals that you probably haven’t encountered before.

To get started with effective pain management in Nashville, TN, schedule an appointment with our pain center through our convenient online form or by phone at (615) 872-9966. You can experience what it’s like to have real chronic pain relief.

Relief From All Types of Pain

It doesn’t matter what kind of pain you are experiencing or where it is in your body. The pain relief physician team at our pain center will find ways to treat the ongoing or severe pain you are experiencing once and for all. Come to us for back pain, neck pain, headaches or pain in other parts of your body. There can be various causes that are creating the pain you suffer from. Perhaps you have a health condition that is causing the pain, such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, tendonitis or another problem. Maybe you experienced a sports injury, a car accident or a fall. Or maybe seemingly nothing brought it on at all.

Since we have a team of professionals, we are able to provide comprehensive relief for a wide variety of causes, whether the pain is in your spine, joints, muscles or tendons. We can relieve pain from sprains and strains, mental health concerns that are worsening the pain, poor posture, overuse injuries and a host of other causes and problems. Come to our experts for an extensive evaluation so we can determine what exactly is causing the pain. Unlike treatment methods that only try to temporarily stop your pain without understanding the problem underneath, knowing the problem helps us solve the pain.


How We Provide Relief From Pain

To provide pain relief management in Nashville, our clinic takes a multi-disciplinary approach with our team of Board Certified Physicians and Health Professionals who provide a combination of pain relief options. Each person on the team is a pain relief specialist who can offer specialized knowledge and expertise in top pain-relieving methods and advanced Nashville pain relief treatments to solve a wide range of pain causes. This is why our Nashville pain relief center provides real results for local people, offering the best pain relief you can find in the area.

The cutting-edge technology we use at the Center for Spine & Joint enhances the level of care you receive from our health professionals. First, a pain relief doctor at our clinic will use x-rays, EMG, CT scans and/or other technology to diagnose the problem causing your pain. Then, we come up with a personalized approach to fit your case, which we will target to the underlying problem leading to the pain instead of staying on the surface level by only treating the symptom of pain. We do not jump to surgery to relieve your pain; instead, we rely on less intrusive methods that provide better results. You may be treated with one or a few approaches, such as platelet rich plasma therapy, physical therapy, fluoroscopic-guided procedures with injections and other methods.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, is one of the best ways we handle various types of pain to help you feel better. It speeds up the rate that your body heals, so you can experience relief more quickly than you would if your body was left to its own devices. This means that you will go through less time in pain and have a faster recovery so you can get back to the normal activities of your life. This treatment method often provides effective results within a pain management plan. Our specialized doctors will discuss treatment options with you before starting with these approaches, so you can have time to ask questions and become comfortable with our pain management plan for you.


Start Treatment for Real Relief

Relief from extreme or ongoing pain is possible for you when you come to the Center for Spine & Joint. We offer chronic and severe pain relief to Nashville residents, helping them start over with a healthier and more mobile life. This is what we can offer you when you come to us. You can experience relief from bad pain even if treatments haven’t yet solved your pain. To learn about the customized treatment plan we will create for you, set up your initial appointment by calling (615) 872-9966 or using our website form.

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