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Pain can come in many forms. While back pain and headaches are very common, it’s likely that you will experience other types of pain throughout your body at some point in your life as well. Whether you have acute pain you hope to recover from or chronic pain that never seems to end, pain management can help.

At the Center for Spine & Joint, we provide pain management to Nashville area residents with the goal of easing the pain they are experiencing and helping them have a better life. We can provide the same service to you, managing your pain through advanced treatment methods and a team approach.

To start managing your pain, contact our Nashville pain management clinic to make your first appointment by calling (615) 872-9966, emailing or filling out our online form. During your first visit with a pain clinic specialist, we will start with a diagnosis for what is causing your pain and come up with a treatment plan based on the cause.

How Does a Pain Clinic Treat Pain?

Pain clinics focus on managing pain to help the patient feel better. You can expect varying experiences at different pain clinics in Nashville. At the Center for Spine & Joint pain management clinic in Nashville, we utilize cutting-edge types of treatment and a comprehensive approach with the help of a whole team of pain professionals.

This multidisciplinary approach makes us a best pain clinic for Nashville area residents because of the results we can offer. It allows us to treat a wide variety of pain causes at our pain center, with options available to us for treating each person’s problem for the most effective results. Most often, we use a combination of treatment methods to provide complete care that fully manages the pain a patient experiences. We tailor the treatment plan to each person’s cause of pain, focusing on the muscles, bones and/or other areas.


Types of Pain We Treat at Our Pain Clinic

At our pain clinic in Nashville, we have the experienced professionals and treatment methods to focus on a wide variety of pain causes. We go beyond the symptoms to manage pain at its source. As a team, we are able to target problems in the spine, nerves, joints and muscles, focusing on disorders, injuries and health conditions that are causing the pain in these areas.

Our pain and spine clinic treats just about any kind of pain you might be experiencing. You can come to us for injuries from whiplash, overuse or force to the body part. We treat pain from poor posture and problems with body mechanics. We are also able to help a variety of health conditions that are causing pain as one of the symptoms.

Our team of pain professionals treats osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, arthritis, sprains and strains, herniated discs and many additional problems that cause pain in the body.


Leaning On a Multidisciplinary Approach

The team of professionals who will treat you at our top pain clinic in Nashville is made up of board-certified physicians, and physical and behavioral therapists that have trained at top institutions in the country and have a wealth of experience under their belts.

Our team includes specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain medicine, neurology, orthopedics, anesthesiology, biomechanics and more. With so many specialists in the same location, we are able to come up with a complete treatment approach to your pain without requiring you to go to a bunch of separate medical offices.


Our Pain Diagnostic and Treatment Methods

We offer state-of-the-art pain clinic treatment at the Center for Spine & Joint, both for diagnosing the problem causing the pain and for treating that problem. We generally use a combination of treatment types for the most complete care for each person.

For the diagnosis, a Nashville pain doctor will rely on x-rays, CT scans, EMG, ultrasound and other tests to give us the whole picture of what is behind the pain you are feeling. Having the diagnosis helps us tailor a treatment plan specific to your problem, whether we need to focus on your muscles, nerves and/or other areas.


Find Relief From Your Pain at Our Nashville Pain Clinic

If you have been in pain for a little while or an extended period of time, you don’t have to live with the pain. At the Center for Spine & Joint in Nashville, we know that pain greatly interferes with your life, and we want to use our expertise and advanced technologies to help you overcome the pain.

To make your first appointment, contact us by phone at (615) 872-9966, email us at or get in touch online with our “Request an Appointment” form.

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