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• Foremost knee pain experts in Nashville
• Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians
• No knee pain we can’t treat
• 100+ years of combined medical experience
• Innovative, advanced knee pain treatment
• Non-surgical knee pain treatment
• Multiple knee pain relief options & procedures
• Effective knee pain relief
• Most major insurance accepted

William S.

Woodbury, TN

“Without the treatment they provide I’m sure I would not be able to continue to do what I love doing…WORK!”

Treatment Area: Hip and Knee


Nashville, TN

“Your staff and doctors have finally given me the hope that I have been looking for so long. You are helping me reclaim my life and I will be eternally grateful.”

Treatment Area: Back

More Testimonials

“Michael Overfelt is very thorough and very helpful with any questions I have and he takes the time to explain them. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Angela L – Nashville, TN
Type of Treatment: Medical Management
Treatment Area: General, Back, Knee

“Before I started physical therapy with Kelli, my quality of life was very poor. She worked with me and pushed me to believe that I could do my exercises. Wonderful care from Dr. Bryant and Ms. Ruble, NP along with quality physical therapy, I don’t just exist, I live.”

Angela S. — Hermitage, TN
Type of Treatment: Physical Therapy
Treatment Area: Neck and Back

“…I had my first epidural injection (pain block) in my back. Dr. Le did an amazing job and I can’t tell you all how much my pain has been relieved. It’s truly a miracle.”

Michelle K. — Mt. Juliet, TN
Type of Treatment: Interventional
Treatment Area: Neck and Back

“Your treatments have allowed me to participate in life again. Not only am I pain free, I can now walk, do light housekeeping and even travel, all without any suffering! I would absolutely recommend PRP treatment to anyone who suffers from chronic neck and back pain!”

Franklin, TN
Type of Treatment: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
Therapy Treatment Area: Neck and Back

Foremost Knee Pain Experts in Nashville

The Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation is Nashville’s first multi-specialty practice for the treatment of acute and chronic knee pain.

At The Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, our knee pain specialists are top of the line. Our doctors are the foremost knee pain experts in Nashville, having trained at some of the nation’s top healthcare institutions such as John Hopkins and the University of Chicago’s Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital and unlike most pain management facilities in Nashville, all of our pain management doctors are Board Certified in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. There is no one more qualified to help you with your knee pain management than our family of physicians.

These same doctors are experts in identifying the cause of your knee pain and offering specialized treatment for your exact condition. Our doctors are specially trained to utilize state-of-the-art image-guided equipment such as ultrasound or fluoroscopy to pinpoint the exact site of injury. After a diagnosis has been made for your knee pain, a personalized blue print is established for your treatment. Our doctors are visionaries and offer proven, leading treatment options that offer you the best chance of relieving your knee pain. We even work with the more advanced treatments in the field of regenerative medicine that include platelet-rich plasma therapy which is often utilized by pro football players and golfers for sports related injuries. We want to utilize the absolute best treatment options for our patients.

At The Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, we know all you want is to be healthy and feel better. And we know it’s our job to help you get there. It’s time to stop living in pain. Fill out the form at the top right of this page to set an appointment or call and speak to us directly at (615) 387-9334.

We look forward to helping you along your path to becoming healthy and pain free.


No Knee Pain We Can’t Treat

We stand by this. With all the innovative knee pain treatments that we have and the expertise of our doctors, there truly is no knee pain condition we can’t treat. If you’ve been hesitant to seek out pain relief because you think your situation is hopeless, it’s not. Let us help you. There is hope for you condition.


100+ Years of Combined Medical Experience

With over 100+ years of combined medical experience, you know you are getting the absolute best knee pain treatment available in Nashville at The Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation. Our doctors have the experience to make sure you get the right diagnosis, the correct treatment, and recover as quickly as possible.


Innovative, Advanced Knee Pain Treatments

We have the most innovative, advanced knee pain treatment options available. Being mindful of new treatments and technology is important to us because it helps us provide quicker, more effective pain relief and can drastically reduce recovery time. At The Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, it’s all about our patients. We want to get your knee to 100% as soon as possible and staying right on top of advances in knee pain treatment allows us to do that.


Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatments

Surgery can be rough. It’s painful, expensive, time consuming, not to mention frightening. That’s why at The Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation we provide non-surgical methods for knee pain treatment that are affordable, quick, and stress free. Knee Pain treatment doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us show you why.


Multiple Knee Pain Relief Options & Procedures

We have multiple knee pain relief options and procedures at The Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation. By not limiting ourselves to a few treatments, this gives the patient options and puts control in your hands when it comes to your knee pain relief.


Effective Knee Pain Relief

We want you to feel better. Effective knee pain relief doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be easy. We know when you walk through our doors you’re going to be in pain. But because of the level of expertise our doctors have, and the state of the art procedures we use, we’re confident that when you walk out your nee is going to be feeling better.


All Major Insurance Accepted

We also accept all major insurance carriers. We believe that pain relief should be available to all. Therefore, we strive to work with as many insurance carriers as possible, even smaller ones.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Put an end to your knee pain and call us today to schedule a consultation with our back pain physicians so they can help you get on the road to recovery immediately! Call us at (615) 266-3940 and make your appointment now or you can fill out the box at the top right of this page.

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment soon!