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Chronic Pain

At the Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, we have been treating Chronic Pain in the Greater Nashville, TN area since 2003.


Chronic Pain

As you know if you suffer from it, chronic pain can affect your quality of life. Everything else that happens in your life is overshadowed a bit because of the pain that’s always there. It can be easy to lose hope and feel like nothing can help with the constant pain. Too many people accept that the chronic pain will stick around forever and assume that there are no real solutions for ending it.The main reason chronic pain can lead to hopelessness is that so many people have sought help for their chronic pain in Nashville, yet they did not receive the pain relief they were hoping for. Nashville pain management solutions may have dulled the pain or ended it for a short time, but the pain always stuck around or eventually returned. This cycle of pain with no true solution can bring you to the point where you give up, assuming nothing else can be done. 

Fortunately, there is chronic pain management in Nashville that actually works. While this may seem unbelievable, it’s true. Countless local patients of the Center for Spine & Joint have found chronic pain relief at our Nashville clinic. How can we offer the promise of real relief when other Nashville chronic pain clinics cannot?  

The answer is that we take a different approach from other pain clinics that is more effective than standard Nashville pain management. We offer a team of Board Certified Physicians and Health Professionals who can each call himself or herself a chronic pain specialist in Nashville.  Our team works together in a multi-disciplinary way to look into every possible cause of the pain and solution to treat it. While one physician examining you might miss something, our team is able to look from every direction. We often treat the pain with a few methods to ensure your pain relief.  

Start your Nashville chronic pain treatment by setting up your first appointment. Simply use our online form or call us at 615-872-9966.

Causes of Chronic Pain

You can experience bad chronic pain in different parts of your body. There are many underlying problems that can cause the ongoing pain you are feeling. Maybe you suffered an injury that lead to this pain, or perhaps you have a condition with pain as a symptom, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, a mental health concern or a spine disorder. Chronic pain is actually a common problem for many people, which can go on for months or even last for years if not treated properly.

The team of professionals at the Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation are able to focus on numerous causes of chronic pain in Nashville patients to attack the pain at its source. While the standard pain treatments most doctors offer tend to work on the symptom of pain, which is why the pain comes back again and again, we focus on treating the cause of the pain so it will go away for good. Our varied pain specialist professionals are able to treat all sorts of pain, including in the spine, muscles, joints and nerves.

Our Approach to Chronic Pain

At our top pain center, we offer a variety of chronic pain options as treatment methods. We create a specific plan for each patient that may feature one or more treatment approaches. Generally, we combine a few methods from our different health professionals to really solve the causes of the pain. This well-rounded approach is what makes our patients consider us the best chronic pain clinic in Nashville.

In addition to relying on a variety of methods to solve the root problem, we also take advantage of top technologies for the diagnostic and pain-relieving benefits they provide. These are treatments you won’t find in every doctor’s office or pain clinic, and each technique is carried out by an experienced chronic pain physician. With technologies that include x-rays, musculoskeletal ultrasound and electromyography, our professionals are able to provide an accurate diagnosis for your pain. This helps us better treat the problem to give you lasting relief from sharp acute pain or severe chronic pain.  

The advanced treatment methods we use include Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, botulinum toxin therapy and injections with the help of a fluoroscopic-guided procedure. One of our main tools for chronic pain is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, or PRP. This therapy uses a healing method your body would naturally offer, but quickens it so the pain stops faster and you can engage in more activities again. This is a non-surgical procedure our experts provide along with other cutting-edge treatments. During your first visit, our Nashville chronic pain doctors will be happy to answer questions and explain more about our treatments and which ones we would recommend for you.

Find the Solution to Your Chronic Pain

Even though you have lived with your ongoing pain for a long time, it is still possible to treat the problem and ease the extreme pain. You don’t have to live with this symptom any longer, even if the methods you have already tried didn’t provide you with relief. Lean on our pain specialists at the Center for Spine & Joint for a new approach to pain management. We will look into your case to find the best treatment plan for your needs.  To make your initial appointment at our chronic pain center, give us a call at 615-872-9966 or request an appointment online.

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